I can't flash a ROM to safe my life. Hold my hand.

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR' started by maverick31210, Mar 13, 2013.

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    I can't flash a ROM to safe my life. Hold my hand. [FIXED]

    So, little bit of background. I have an OG Razr. I come from an OG Droid and a T-Bolt both which I rooted and flashed roms on regularly without issues. I've had the Razr since it came out and only decided to root it yesterday after getting the JB update and losing my wifi tethering. I rooted using the windows app that essentially does it all for you, the new one that recently came out then installed safestrap 3.11 as I was instructed to.

    The issue comes when I try to flash a rom. I go into safestrap and select a slot. I install my rom and go to boot the thing and it just loops over and over back into safestrap and the "M" logo. No rom takes and I can't figure out why...like at all. Even if I try to flash over the stock rom slot it just boots back into the stock JB. That is the only slot that does not boot loop. I'm kind of lost at this point and don't really have a clue as to what to do next. I'd love it if someone cold tell me what the next step is or let me know of a way to wifi tether as I was before with FoxFi. At this point I'm contemplating downgrading to ICS just to have my tethering back but I really like the features of JB and would like to keep it. If someone can save me on this, I'd very much appreciate it since even if I wanted to downgrade, I'd still have to flash an ICS rom which I can't seem to flash anything. Also, assuming I get this worked out if you can suggest a rom for me that'd be cool too.

    Thanks fellas!

    Posted over at droidrazr.com and those boys took care of it.

    Here's the link to the thread that got me up and running as we speak.

    I can't flash a ROM to safe my life. Hold my hand. - DroidRzr.com

    Long and short of it was that I was trying to flash ROMs to the new JB 4.2.2 kernel that I had just received.....this was throwing the boot loop. Perils of trying to flash a ROM on the same day you received an update.
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