I cannot get out of AP Fastboot flash mode.

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    It started as me trying to get a new update on my Droid Razr. I got RSD lite, and fastboot files. The fastboot failed, and now I am stuck between home screen and the AP boot screen. Every time I power off, I have to hit the power +volume up + volume down to get it to boot normally. But every time I power off, it takes me to the same screen. Any help would be appreciated, and ask any questions of me if you need more information for helping me. I am new to root and alike.
    Edit: So I tried to flash fastboot files to my phone. The Flash failed. I was using RSD Lite 5.6. I would like to try again, but as I go through the steps to select the fastboot files it tells me that no items were found. The AP Fastboot screen also tells me Flash failed.
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