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    Hi All, I thought I should say something at least about myself...

    I was using a LG Voyager about a week ago (LCD broke), and before that it was free t-mobile phones supplied from work. Never used a smart-phone before.

    I got my Droid last Saturday, and WOW, a whole new world. I went straight for the forums looking for Apps recommendations and found this site. I was looking at custom ROMs but thought it wasn't for me since what I was using was so awesome compared to what I was using before.

    So, my co-workers constantly recommended I should root, so I did and thanks to the information on this site, I did everything right the first time. The ROM I am using is listed below.

    I can't literate how much this site has helped me, but I hope I can eventually help back.

    Thanks all, your are the best!