Hyperdrive RLS21 Released For The Galaxy S4!

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    The Galaxy S6 is all the rage, but if your S4 isn't broke why fix it right? While you may not be upgrading your phone just yet you may still want to give it a fresh new look and feel. Hyperdrive is one of the most popular Touchwiz based roms around for the Galaxy S4 and they have just updated it to RLS21. Developer "sbreen94" has been perfecting this rom little by little over the past 20 builds, and he is closer than ever with the latest build!

    The Rom features Galaxy S5 and Note 4 features, and is based on NC5 firmware. This is Android 4.4.2 with TouchWiz. This also includes the Aroma installer which allows you to pick and chose exactly the apps that you would like installed. This works with Verizon, Tmobile, and ATT. There are all kinds of customizations included here. You can customize statusbar, battery, pulldown, colors, lockscreen, and more. The features list is too long to list here. Grab the rom from the link below.

    via XDA
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