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    Hey guy,

    I do not have a Verizon device, but I personally enjoy your forums here, as well as the knowledge and kindness of all the folks here to help out, so it's by no surprise that I have come back here to get the opinions of you here who have used or currently have Hurricane related tracking and news apps. I would like to know from those who have used such apps as the ones below, which ones you all think are the best in terms of accuracy, projection, forecast, details, and features as well, do you feel any of the paid versions or worth the money or stick with the free. Also if you could add in your own words why you prefer a particular app, that would be killer. I would really appreciate it!



    Hurricane Software Pro

    Hurricane_American Red Cross

    Hurricane Hunter Free

    Hurricane Hunter Paid

    Hurricane Hub

    Hurricane Watcher

    Any app that you have used and feel would be better, please let me know with and explanation as to why.

    (Sorry Guys, I tried to post the apps above as links to the app store, but the site here for some reason is linking all of them as 1 link even though I am highlighting one at a time and attempting to insert the links! :( If anyone knows how to get around this, I would appreciate the help. Just to explain, I typed in the names off all the apps with spaces, highlighted one name at a time and then clicked the Link button in the edit window, then pasted the link from the app store, however, as soon as I click OK in the Link box, it closes but the highlight switches to covering all of the links and the URL of all but the first one have been changed to the last link I have tried to paste, there by making all the names as one long link. I just can not figure out how or why this is happening and would love any indication as to what I can do to get the links properly formatted.)

    Thanks so much in advance all!!

    You guys are the best!

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    With the possibility of a big one heading my way. I am interested too. Bump 4 ya
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