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    "Apple will be introducing a new iPod Touch which will feature a 3-megapixel camera. It’ll also join the iPhone 4 and iPad with Apple’s
    A4 processor, which is actually a Samsung Hummingbird 1GHz processor."


    just found this out, thought i'd share.

    lil more digging....

    A report in the IEEE magazine Spectrum indicates that Intrinsity - the company behind Samsung's fast Hummingbird processor - designed Apple's new A4 system-on-a-chip (SoC), rather than Apple's PA Semi talent, as previously believed.

    Intrinsity, on the other hand, had delivered the Hummingbird for Samsung in 2009, so they had working, proven technology. IFixit's A4 teardown, furthermore, showed Samsung markings on the SoC's core, leaving open the possibility that Apple just bought up a bunch of Hummingbirds for their new chip. At the same time, though, Intrinsity engineers now show up as Apple employees and the company's website is "down for maintenance." So the strong likelihood is that they either built an A4 version of the Hummingbird or used Intrinsity expertise to integrate off-the-shelf cores into their new chip.

    The A4 seems to be based specifically on the ARM Cortex-A8 chip. UBM TechInsights compared the A4 to the 1 Ghz, Samsung-made S5P1101A01(PDF) and found the die layout around the core to be identical. Samsung has confirmed that its S5P110 line of CPUs are ARM Cortex-A8-based, so logically the A4 is also based on the Cortex-A8. The S5P110 is going to be used in the Samsung Galaxy S, an Android-based smartphone with an 4-inch OLED screen and support for HD video.
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    Actually the A4 chip is an Apple Designed chip manufactured by Samsung. Yes it is the same chip as the Samsung Hummingbird 1GHz, but the "blog" you have quoted makes it sound like Apple is reusing a Samsung chip when it is actually the other way around. Samsung's Hummingbird is an Apple designed chip.

    This chip design came from Apple's purchase of PA Semi, as well as some influence from their long ago acquired Intrinsity group.
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