Humble Mobile Bundle Is Back With Bandi Namco Games!

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    Back in November Humble Bundle announced they would no longer feature Mobile exclusive bundles which was pretty disappointing. The made the decision to feature mobile games along with their normal PC Bundles. The Bundles they released in the following months featured very little in the way of mobile games. Humble Bundle has decided to bring back the Mobile Bundle with some pretty great Bandi Namco titles. Titles include Crush The Castle, Pac-Man Kart Rally, and Flight Control which can be yours for the price of your choosing. If you choose to pay more than the current average which happens to be $4.85 you get Puzzle Quest 2, Pac-Man Championship Edition, and Ridge Racer Slipstream. If you pay $5 or more you get Pac Man CE DX. Head to the link below to score this bundle!

    via HumbleBundle