Humble Mobile Bundle Is Back With 6 New Titles!

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    The Humble Mobile Bundle is back. Humble Bundle allows you to decide what you want to pay for the games that are offered. You can even chose who your money goes to. Their are options to send your money to the developer of the games offered, to humble bundle, or to charity. Their are two tiers in the 13th edition of the humble bundle. When you pay any amount you get "Timelines: Assault On America", "The Ministry Of Silly Walks", and "Hellraid The Escape". If you pay more than the average price at the time of purchase you get "Puzzle Retreat", "Worms 3", and "Twisty Hollow". There are more games that will be unlocked later as well! Head to the link below to grab your DRM free copies of the above games.

    via HumbleBundle