HUGE [ROM] Release Unofficial AOKP Milestone 6 for the VZW Galaxy S III

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    BMC08GT has released his unofficial build of AOKP for the Verizon Galaxy S III. This is big news because of course Verizon thought they were gonna keep us down with the Locked down bootloader, but where there is a will there is a way. This works because of the Kexec boot sequence developed by CVPCS which circumvents the locked bootloader giving us total access to customize to our hearts content. Most of you are familiar with Android Open Kang Project and know that it is one of the most customizable Roms available. There are enough features in the Rom Control that you can be customizing things for hours!

    To install you will need EZ-Recovery from the market to flash the touch clockwork mod recovery, then just wipe data and cache, and install the Rom and Gapps. Pretty darned easy. It should be noted that due to kexec the Rom will appear to bootloop on first boot (this is normal its just the kexec boot sequence doing its thing). Also you will get stuck on the activation screen. To skip it just touch the four corners of the startup screen clockwise starting at the top right. Then you will need to go to settings/mobile networks/select network mode/ lte/cdma, then you will need to select CDMA subscription and set it to RUIM/SIM.

    Grab this Rom via Rootzwiki

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