HUGE Deal For Carrier Employees! $299 HTC One M9 Off Contract!

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    It looks like HTC wants to get their latest flagship in the hands of as many sales people as possible! They have launched a new deal for Mobile Carrier Employees which will offer the HTC One M9 off contract for only $299! If you purchase this phone you are automatically eligible for the HTC One 4 Life program which allows you to trade up to the latest HTC One device for FREE! This means you will never have to pay for an HTC One ever again. When I first saw this I was a bit skeptical as it seems to good to be true, but on further investigation this is totally legit.

    Once again this deal is only available for those working at a corporate retail location (ie verizon wireless store, AT&T store, T-mobile store, Sprint Store, Best Buy, Walmart, ect). You will have to register and provide proof that you do indeed work at one of these retail locations. Head to the link below to get started.

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