Huge Android 4.3 Update for NVIDIA Shield Button Mapping, Console Mode and More

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    The above video shows off just a smattering of some of the new features that just made their way to the NVIDIA Shield. The device was just updated to Android 4.3, but that isn't nearly the whole picture. A ton of new features and functions have been added to the device which unlock the massive potential of the device even further. Here's a breakdown of the biggest highlights:
    • Android 4.3: Shield is now one of the first few devices to get the most current version of Android - Also some apps can now be moved to the SD card.
    • Custom control mapping: Because not every game and app has been optimized for the device NVIDIA's created a way to setup custom mappings. You can even download others' mappings and share with friends.
    • Console mode: You can now plug the Shield into your TV and control it wirelessly using a Bluetooth gaming controller - this basically converts it into a much more advanced version of an OUYA.
    • GameStream exits beta: This feature is no longer in beta as they have fine-tuned it to their liking.
    Here's a cool new NVIDIA video ad for the device.

    Also, there's something of particular note regarding the upgrade of GameStream from beta. NVIDIA is offering a pretty cool deal as a celebration for the "event." Here's a quote from them with the details,

    Finally, just to give you guys a bit more info, here's a list below of the games which have compatibility with the Gamepad Mapper immediately on release.



    Source: NVIDIA & Retailers for the Shield
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    Nvidia gets an A+ for customer service in my book... Android 4.3 plus new features that are actually useful and improve the product.
    Here's some more video showing gamepad mapper enabled on EA's games. Finally can play games like FIFA 14, Real Racing 3 and Need for Speed with physical controls!

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