Huawei MediaPad M3 Coming Soon

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    Tablets are dead right? When the ipad was released years ago it was widely assumed that we would all throw away our desktops and laptops in favor of tablets at some point. As it turns out there are plenty of things that are just easier with a traditional PC. That coupled with the fact that our phones have pretty large screens these days, tablets just seem redundant. However tablets do make great media consumption devices which is exactly what I use my Nexus 9 for on a regular basis. My Nexus 9 is still a great device for general web browsing and tv watching. The only issue I really have with it is the lack of quick charging. I have actually been looking to replace my tablet for a few months now. I am sure I'm not the only one.

    Huawei is looking to capitalize on this market with their upcoming Android tablet which they announced yesterday at IFA. The tablet will be called the "MediaPad M3". It will be rocking a Kirin 950 processor, audio tuning by Harmon Kardon, an 8.4" 2K display, fingerprint sensor with gestures, dual speakers, 32GB/64GB storage options, and a 5100mah battery. If this tablet includes fast charging (why wouldn't it) this may be the new tablet for me! This tablet will be available for purchase soon with prices starting at 349 Euros.
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    the firm integrates powerful speakers, designed in collaboration with harman / kardon, who adapt their rendering based on the tablet orientation (portrait or landscape), taking the type of content and its composition

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