Huawei Honor issue "Play" brand, three new products Appearance

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    On October 13, 2014, then in the afternoon, Huawei in the center of the Chinese film director studio held Honor new product and "play" brand conference. On the conference, Huawei honor officially released its new brand Play, it also released Huawei Honor Play 4, Huawei Honor Play Wristband and Huawei Honor 6 extreme edition.


    Huawei Honor Play 4 has already formed the 4G coverage, this phone support LTE Cat4 technology, the download speed is 150 megabits per second, support 4G double card double stay. Huawei Honor Play 4 is equipped with a 5 inch 1280 x 720 pixel screen, carrying Qualcomm Snapdragon 64-bit processors, frequency is 1.2 GHz, at the same time, complementary with 1GB memory and 8GB storage space fuselage. It is built-in front 2.0 megapixel + rear 8.0 megapixel double.


    On this conference, it also brought Huawei Honor Play Wristband. This wristband integral feeling is very strong in the design, using the one-piece design. Wristband is equipped with LED screen, support level 7 waterproof and UV closed waterproof battery. It can records user activity steps every day, distance, calorie, etc., it also supports turn wrist bright screen, incoming number display and anti-lost vibration, remote control picture. According to the staff at the scene said, this wristband support Android4.3 above system and iOS7 above platform equipment. Its price is only USD99.99 At SpeMall.


    Besides, it is Huawei Honor 6 extreme edition, it has a lot of improvement in performance. This kind of mobile phone used 5 inch FHD screen, carrying the latest kirin 928 processor, frequency is 2.0 GHz, complementary with 3GB memory and 32GB storage space, at the same time, it is also equipped with a 13.0 megapixel rear camera, and battery capacity is 3100 mah.

    Why it separate released Play brand, because Honor let users can quickly to try and experience the product, the Honor and Play series will common development in the future, the brand value of the former are ascending, the latter mainly occupy the low-end market, finally, it forms the internal benign competition, and at the same time it Will bring more new phones for the different market for consumers.

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