Huawei Debuts New MediaPad 7 Lite Without Sharing the Specs

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    Here's a strange bit of news. Huawei just added a new 7-inch Android tablet to their MediaPad lineup called the MediaPad 7 Lite. What is odd is that they officially announced it, yet offered almost no primary specs for the device. We were able to find out a little about it. The new tablet has the following:
    • 7-Inch IPS Display with full HD video playback
    • Metal unibody construction
    • A rear facing camera
    • 3G cellular voice
    • SMS and MMS
    The pics of the device look fairly intriguing, and if some of their prior announced products are any indication, then we could be seeing a powerful device at a cheap price. At this point, they haven't released any other details, including release times or pricing. We will pay close attention to this and inform you as we find out more. Could this be a worthy new challenger to the Nexus 7? Only a breakdown of internal specs will help us determine that...

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    Source: via HuaweiDevice
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