HTC's Worst Kept Secret, the M8, Gets New Pics & Video Leaked

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    The M8, HTC's next version of the HTC One may be the worst kept secret in the history of smartphones. We have seen more pics, videos and specs of this device long before its launch than any device in recent memory. We aren't sure if this is building excitement or numbing it, but we are going to share it anyway. The above pics are just a couple of a new series of leaked pics for the device, which show every angle imaginable. These pics even show off the M8 compared the HTC One Max phablet from last year.

    For the rest of the pics, hit up Engadget, here, and then come back and discuss it with us. That's not all we have though. Another "preview" video has cropped up online. This one isn't much better than the video we shared previously which got a not-too-bright kid in trouble with HTC. This video is far too dark and the presentation skills of the leaker are weak. It's still worth a glance despite this.

    Of course, as we have shared before, the final reveal of the "All New HTC One" will happen on March 25th. At this point, most of the surprise is gone, so HTC won't have much to share, but at least the cat will be "officially" out of the bag.
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