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    I had just purchased a new car, exciting I know, its a 2014 Ford Focus so of course I would expect for there to be no problems what so ever. But of course there are, I had originally connected my bluetooth from my HTC Thunderbolt and everything worked fine for the first week or so then all of a sudden the car starts telling me that my phone is disconnected which it is paired up and my music still does play through the car from my phone.. I am unable to access the actual phone part on the car. Curious, I tried my brothers phone which seemed to work fine so obviously it is my phone, any suggestions as to how to fix this problem? I have tried going to Verizion, absolutely no help the guy just went through all my pictures telling me how good they are, I have also tried to delete and re-sync everything many times but still nothing works and I did attempt to sit there and take the battery out and wait then put it back in but still nothing..