HTC Sense 6 Now Available for The Nexus 5

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Apr 15, 2014.

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    The Nexus lineup of devices is what every Android Fanatic wants in their phones and tablets. They feature the latest and greatest builds of Android with no performance killing "extra features'. Vanilla pure AOSP Android is great, but the Nexus lineup also offers one thing that many other phones do not... Options! It is incredibly easy install recovery and Roms on the Nexus 5. HTC Sense 6.0 has been ported to the Nexus 5! XDA developer "GalaxyUser" is the guy to thank. This rom is still in the alpha stage so not everything is working. Touchscreen, Sim Card Detection, SMS and phone callsRIL, Wifi, Internal SD Card, Vibration, Bluetooth, and Sensors (light/orientation/proximity) are all fully functioning. During the alpha stage the developer highly recommends not using this port unless you are a fellow developer who can help to get this into a more functional state.

    Via XDA
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    I have the M8, Sense 6 is pretty nice. Its clean, fast and not that intrusive. I unlocked my phone and put a Google Edition rom on it for pure google only to find out wifi calling isn't there (I'm on TMobile). That was a huge deal breaker. However, after seeing this I wonder if it'll be possible to get the bits required for wifi calling onto Google Edition phones from TMobile since its baked into Sense. I made a nandroid and went back to stock rooted just because of wifi calling but would go back in a heart beat if that feature was added.