HTC Rezound Unroot - Can't get Google usb drivers OR pdanet to work for me ;(

Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by flclfool, Sep 2, 2013.

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    I am relatively new to phone hacking and so may misuse terminology, or may be missing something incredibly obvious so forgive me be that the case. :happy3:

    I'm desperately trying to unroot my Rezound. The issue I'm having is at command prompt when trying to lock my bootloader. I rooted using pdanet no problem, opted for that because some reason the Google usb driver was not installing the sdk for me. pdanet is saying that the device could not be connected, unplug, replug and try again. I've reinstalled the program several times and rebooted both the pc and the phone many a time. If anyone has dealt with this problem in the past or has any ideas for a workaround etc it would be oooooh so appreciated :D I've been grumpily working on this issues for the last 5 hours trying to figure out what's wrong or possible alternatives to no avail. Thanks!
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