HTC Releases 3rd Quarter Financials; Smartphone Shipments Rise 93%

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Oct 31, 2011.

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    It looks as if HTC had a really good quarter. They just had their recent financials earnings call for Q3, and although their Sensation didn't do quite as well as they had hoped, everything else across the board is doing very well for them. Their profit grew 68% on 13.2 million handsets shipped, which was up by 93% from the same quarter last year. HTC has had six consecutive quarters of revenue growth, with this one being no exception; their revenue grew 79% year-over-year for a total of NT$135.82 billion, and their profit grew to NT$18.68 billion, or NT$22.07 per share.

    HTC CEO Peter Chou said, “We aim to lead the way as the smartphone market continues to expand and change rapidly. We pride ourselves on anticipating market and consumer needs and addressing them before they are realized. We are growing rapidly and responsibly around the globe and continue to expand our leadership in new areas, such as LTE.” With the world is in financial turmoil right now, it's nice to see this kind of good news from a company, . Here's their full press release,

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    Makes me wonder how much of a factor the unlocked boot-loader plays in regards to these figures. Would be interesting to find out so that we'd have one more thing to rub in Motorola's face.
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