HTC Q4 Results Decidedly Gloomy Yet They Still Eked Out a Profit (Lowest Since 2004)

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    It looks like the HTC may have truly hit rock bottom. Their quarter 4 results are out and their profits are the lowest they have had since 2004 with just $34 Million. This was a 91% drop year-on-year drop. Here's a quote with further details,

    Despite these dismal looking results, this could perhaps actually be good news for the company depending on how you want to look at things. First, the fact that they still made profit is obviously cause for hope. Second, the fact that they matched up with expectations and basically stayed even with their previous quarter is a great sign as well. Overall, it's likely the worst is behind them, and they have a chance to climb back to a competitive status again.

    Many of us are rooting for you HTC!

    Source: TechCrunch
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