HTC One X Screen Replacement Repair Guide

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    Does your HTC One X have a broken or damaged screen? Or does the device have a dysfunctional internal part? Well you're in luck! This in depth repair guide will take you through the step-by-step process of taking apart the HTC One X in order to replace a damaged component. Follow these instructions and your device will be just like brand new before you know it!

    This repair guide will help install the following HTC One X part (s):

    Required Repair Tools:

    • Safe Open Pry Tool
    • Small Phillips Screwdriver
    • Adhesive Strips (For touch screen and assembly repairs)
    • Heat Gun / Blow Dryer

    All of these parts and tools for the HTC One X can be found at our online store at

    HTC One X Take Apart Guide

    • (Figures 1.1 - 1.4) First, with a safe open pry tool start releasing the back battery cover (back housing). Begin at the bottom of the device and shim your way around the sides and edges, and simply apply pressure to pop the case off. Once all 3 sides have been released you can pull away the device from the back cover. During this step use caution as the battery is often attached to the housing and should be removed with the rest of the device.

    See Figure Below For Reference:


    • After the back battery cover has been taken off, you will now remove the small plastic housing located near the camera. With a small Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the seven (7) screws that are highlighted in red on figure 2.

    See Figure Below For Reference:


    • Now that the 7 screws have been removed, release the top clip on top of the camera bezel, and lift away the small plastic housing (Figure 3.1).
    • Next, you will release four (4) connections that are holding the motherboard in place. With your pry tool release the jaw connector (highlighted with a purple square in figure 3.2). This is done by releasing the back clip and remove the flex cable found inside. The second connection is a pop connector (highlighted with a purple rectangle in figure 3.2). Simply lift it up to release it using the pry tool.
    • The next two connectors to be released are the volume (figure 3.4) and power button (figure 3.3) flex cables.

    See Figure Below For Reference:

    • Following the connections being released, use the pry tool to lift under the battery releasing the adhesive that holds the battery in place. (Figure 4.1)
    • The motherboard is now ready to be released. Release the clips and carefully swing it out to the right, making sure not to damage any flex cables that are still connected. (Figure 4.2)
    • With the inside of the motherboard exposed, there will be two additional connections to release. The first is a pop connector, and the other is a jaw connector (both are highlighted in green in figure 4.3).
    • After those two connections are released, the motherboard can be removed. After it's been taken out, use your pry tool and lift the vibrate motor from the housing (figure 4.4), which will allow you to release the full flex cable that is adhered to the back cover (figures 4.5 - 4.6).

    See Figure Below For Reference:

    To perform these next step to remove the HTC One X Screen Assembly you will need a Heat Gun or blow dryer to warm and loosen the adhesive.

    • Figure 5.1 - Taking your heat gun or blow dryer you will need to heat up the back of the housing behind the LCD screen to warm and loosen the adhesive that holds the screen assembly. Be cautious not to hover over the flex ribbon cables with your heat source as you may not want to damage them.
    • Figure 5.2 - With the screen assembly not properly warmed you will want to peel up the flex ribbon cable from the housing held down with some adhesive.
    • Figure 5.3 - Next taking your plastic pry tool use the slots in the housing to apply pressure to the back of the LCD screen to begin lifting it from the housing.
    • Figure 5.4 - As you work your pry tool around the seam of the housing and screen assembly you should be able to work the entire screen assembly from the adhesive on the housing.
    • Figure 5.5 & 5.6 - With enough of the adhesive release you will now be able to slide the flex cables through the slots in the housing to remove the screen assembly completely.

    See Figure Below For Reference:

    You are now able to replace the screen on your HTC One X by applying your new LCD + Touch Screen Assembly to the mid-housing by reversing the steps above to re-assemble your device.

    Please Note: this repair guide is for informational and instructional purposes only. Please perform this repair at your own risk.
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