HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE Held Up at Customs

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    HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE Held Up at Customs (Phone Scoop)

    Today, 9:17 PM by Eric M. Zeman
    HTC today announced that shipments of its One X and EVO 4G LTE smartphones have been halted at customs. In a statement emailed to media, HTC explained, "The US availability of the HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE has been delayed due to a standard U.S. Customs review of shipments that is required after an ITC exclusion order. We believe we are in compliance with the ruling and HTC is working closely with Customs to secure approval. The HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE have been received enthusiastically by customers and we appreciate their patience as we work to get these products into their hands as soon as possible." HTC was found guilty of infringing on an Apple smartphone patent last year and the U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that future imports of offending devices be blocked. The order went into effect April 19. HTC believes it has a software work-around in place, but has to appeal the ITC's order. The One X went on sale at AT&T stores earlier this month, but is now listed as out of stock. The EVO 4G LTE is due to go on sale at Sprint stores this Friday. Neither AT&T nor Sprint has addressed availability of the devices in light of the exclusion order.