HTC One M9+ Images Leak Comparing to HTC One M9; 5.2-inch Display Shown

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    The image above is supposedly a leaked press render comparing the as yet unreleased HTC One M9+ to its sibling the HTC One M9. The most notable characteristic of this device is the slightly larger 5.2-inch display. On most phones, that small difference in size wouldn't be as obvious, but because the HTC One M9 design includes the large top and bottom bezels to accommodate the front-facing stereo speakers, this phone definitely gets upgraded to the "phablet-style" category.

    What's also intriguing about this leaked render is that the camera module is rounded instead of square like on the HTC One M9. The only other thing to take away from these leaked images is the central physical button which shows up on this device. That is also rumored to be a fingerprint scanner.

    It looks like most of the smartphone OEMs are starting to add that tech to their flagships. Don't forget to stop by our dedicated section for the HTC One M9 for more discussion: HTC One M9 and M9 plus Android Forum at

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    I can't even begin to convey how large my disappointment is in this phone. It is not a phablet and it is weighed down visually by the big ugly black bar in front again. HTC finds a way to lose again.
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