HTC One M8 Retail Dummy Phones On Ebay. Could This Be Solid Evidence?

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Mar 11, 2014.

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    We have seen a number of leaks from some pretty credible sources on the upcoming HTC One M8. So far we have seen benchmark results, several photos, and even a lackluster review video. What have we learned? HTC is definitely working on the sequel to one of their best selling flagships ever! Leaks have shown two cameras, a slightly updated chassis, and on screen buttons. We have also seen leaked images in three different colors gold, silver, and grey. These leaks have been pretty solid. The leaked review video that has flooded youtube caused the creator's parents to lose their jobs. If that isn't credible I'm not sure what is. The device that we have seen so far could possibly be an early pre release version. Today retail dummy phones have shown up on Ebay. The seller calls these dummy units "Retail/Cellular Phone Shop displays". He is calling the phone an "HTC One 2" could this be the official name of the phone? He also states that these dummy phones are the exact weight, size and materials of the real phone, although he doesn't list the materials. These Dummy units are coming from China. I could imagine a factory worker sneaking a few out. Could this be solid evidence as to the true design of the next Htc One, or should we take this with a grain of salt?

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