HTC One M8 Leaked Wallpapers For Any Android Device!

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    Yesterday tech sites were flooded with a dramatic story of a young man that made a very unfortunate decision. Apparently his father was an HTC employee who had the privilege of carrying around a prerelease version of the upcoming HTC One M8. The kid posted his very own review video which cost his parents their job. We now have some great intel on the HTC One M8 and have learned that the phone even includes an Sdcard slot which is great news I only wish it included a removable battery as well. Last month a few of the wallpapers from the HTC One M8 were leaked and you can use them on your device now thanks to a new wallpaper app by developer "Mars Developerz".

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This app includes the two confirmed 1080p wallpapers along with many other wallpapers that may or may not be actual M8 wallpapers. You can head to the Play Link below to grab this wallpaper app.

    Via Play Store

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