HTC One M8 Gallery For Your LG G3

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Jan 27, 2015.

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    New is not always better, and in some cases the grass isn't greener on the other side. Have you ever purchased a new device and wished that it had a feature or two from your old device. Features are vastly different between the different Android Skins. The experience you get when you use Sense vs the experience you get from Touchwiz is a night and day difference even though both phones run Android at the core. The development community has a way of giving the users what they want. The HTC One M8 really touts its camera and camera features including the Sense Gallery. If you ditched the HTC One M8 in favor of the LG G3 chances are you are missing the Sense Gallery. No worries developer "turkbey06" has made the app compatible for use with the LG G3 head to the link below to download it and install it like you would any other app.

    via XDA