HTC News App (Stock on Thunderbolt) Broken?

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by skaukatt, Jul 10, 2011.

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    I have a very annoying issue that has been discussed on various Droid Forums so I apologize for the repeat. I was unable to unsubscribe from an RSS News Feed (red !) and searched for a solution. I found various posts about clearing data in the settings menu which I did and it resolved that problem but seems to have caused another - as stated in various posts on this issue - I keep being presented with a flashing google log in screen that flashes by very quickly but eventually stays long enough for me to enter my correct password. Then the app either responds by recalling the log in screen (obviously it thinks I entered an incorrect password) or shutting down the app altogether. Upon reopening the app this all starts over again.

    When I was able to use the app prior to clearing data, I was able to have functionality such as subscribe to feeds, etc... now since I am unable to log in to google even after resetting my password, the app is seemingly defunct.

    Can anyone offer anything to resolve the issue? The issues might even lie in the pal of google since I know I am entering the correct password.


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