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    Hiya all,

    Please let me apologize first for barging in here with a question for my first post.
    I have need of assistance.
    I got a HTC Legend with Android version 2.2

    What steps do I need to do to not brick it?
    There are about 1500 different opinions on this and I'm confused to bits.
    This deodexed, that ICS'ed, another apparently "smells like gingerbread".

    Believe me, I tried (for over 2 weeks now) to educate myself on the subject, but have given up any form of hope I had to begin with.
    I'm NOT going to be a programmer/hacker anywhere in my life, nor do I aspire to be one.
    I like metalworking, and a smart person once told me to stick to what you know.
    You know this, please help.

    I basically just want a simple phone that'll be able to:
    -call/send messages
    -go on internet
    -download apps on Google Play (mostly comic readers)
    -have navigation
    -and mainly: Pandahome2 with the PipBoy3000 theme. I like it.

    *Which ROM do I need?
    *What do I need to backup?
    *How do I format the C:\ of my phone?
    *How do I install everything?
    *Is what I want even possible?

    Please, the easy version. Nothing I can't understand.

    Thank you.
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