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    I am new to Bugless and rooting in general. After rooting and installing Bugless I have been amazed with the clean functionality and battery life of my Incredible 1. A couple things have popped up since doing this and on-line searches are coming up empty (maybe I'm missing the answer).

    1. Before rooting when I plugged my phone into a computer and mounted as a disk drive 2 drives were shown, one for the SD and another for the phone's internal storage. Now I see three drives, the first two haven't changes, but when I try to open the third I am presented with the following message: "please insert disk into drive G:." Also, when I right click on the drive and select Properties it says the size is 0 bytes. Does anyone know why this "drive" is showing up?

    2. When I mount my phone as a disk drive and put files, like pictures or music, on my phone's internal storage they don't show up on the phone. I can only see files that are added to my SD card. Plugging the phone back into my computer I can see the files are still in the phone's internal storage.

    Is there a setting I am missing, did I screw something up in rooting the phone, or is this just a product of Bugless Beast?

    Thanks for the help
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