HTC Incredible\Droid X WMA Lossless format player or sync/converting help

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    I am turning to this forum for a little bit of help with my wife’s Incredible.

    Here are the details behind my questions.
    Home music library (roughly 350 CDs) ripped on Windows WMA Lossless and stored on computer. I stream this music to my home system.
    Recently got the Android Droid X and my wife got the HTC Incredible.
    On Windows 7
    Use Windows Media Player which we are used to, but not married to it

    What I am trying to solve for:
    I want to listen to my music on either phone.

    I see three ways to address this.
    Re-rip my music.
    Would like to avoid this. My in-home system benefits from the lossless format. Re-ripping either to another lossless format or a lower quality one would be time intensive.

    WMA Lossless Media player for Android phones.
    So far I have not found any that do this. Below is a list of the ones I have tried. A couple play FLAC lossless, but not WMA. Have you heard of any other possibilities?

    • Andless
    • AmPlayer
    • PowerAmp
    • WinAmp
    • DoubleTwist
    • Stock Player

    Convert to acceptable format for phone using desktop software
    Eureka! I thought I answered my own question. With Windows Media Player 12, on Windows 7 I was able to finally figure out how to setup the sync properties (which is done by per item you are connecting to, not a base default that treats all connecting items the same). You have two choices when setting up syncing conversion rates, let the windows automatically detect best rate to sync at, or manually set the quality yourself. For my Droid X I was able to manually set it to convert at the highest non-lossless setting. My music is now syncing over to the Droid X with no problems and it sounds great.

    However… when trying to manually set the Incredible and then attempting to sync I would get an error that the format was not allowed on the phone. No syncing would occur. The only other option was to set the sync options to automatically select the format conversion rate. This would allow the syncing to occur, but the music would not play. After some sleuthing I was able to find that it was carrying the music over in the original lossless format. (Incredible is set to USB data storage)

    My questions:
    • Does anyone know how to set Windows Media Player 12 to sync WMA Lossless files to the HTC Incredible?
    • Has anyone successfully used a Windows Media Player type player to convert from lossless to a lower bit rat format into the HTC Incredible? (I believe MediaMonkey does this, but it costs money to get the upgraded version that converts and I would hate to spend the money and not have it work as the WMA Player does not. I have not tried WinAmp as a desktop solution yet)
    • Has anyone successfully played music in the WMA Lossless format successfully on the HTC Incredible, or on any Android phone?

    Thank you all for your help.
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