HTC Flyer Exclusive To BestBuy (With Video)

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    HTC along with just about every other Android tablet manufacturer seems to be looking at a spring release time frame, and with the new HTC Flyer, Bestbuy will be the only to retail the WiFi variant. The tablet that is featured in the above video was announced earlier today to be exclusive to Sprint as the 4G service provider. The WiFi only version on the other hand will be exclusive to Bestbuy, and unlike the Xoom, let's hope it will not require a month service with Sprint to purchase. There is no price yet released for this product, but [FONT=&quot]optimistically [/FONT]we will have another announcement regarding this issue later in the month.

    Which tablet is currently on your to buy list?

    Source: Hands-on with the Wifi-only HTC Flyer, coming this spring to Best Buy | Android Central
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