Htc evo unrevoked help

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    Need help rooting HTC EVO

    before we get started i have watched all the new videos on using the UnrEVOked3 software to root the HTC EVO on youtube.

    So this is what i have done so far:
    I went here to (Which i have installed correctly.)
    after installing drivers i downloaded the UnrEVOked3 program. the problem i am having is the program will not detect my phone
    i turned degueed mode on

    I have had the phone on USB Debugging mode Checked with:
    Charge only
    HTC sync *(which is Uninstalled)
    Disk drive

    I also tried just for teh lulz USB Debugging Unchecked with:
    Charge only
    HTC sync *(which is Uninstalled)
    Disk drive

    i have the always ask me checked.
    HTC Sync was never installed on my computer and i checked 3 times to make sure, i have tried this one 2 different comps and i have tried uninstalling the drivers and installing them again
    Unrevoked still will not notice my phone.
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