HTC droid Incredible wifi error

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    Hi all you droid guru's, just got a semi used htc incredible at a yard sale it looks like new but is used it has gingerbread 2.3.4 os. I never had a smart phone before, only pc's. The phone is awesome, no cell service though even though it does get reception for cell service. Everything seems ok except that the wifi wont turn on it just says error after a few seconds. Can someone tell me if it is this a hardware or software issue? I have been told hardware, the wifi module in particular needs replacing according to a couple of people I talked to. Can this wifi module be fixed or tweaked? where can I get a replacement? The exact model of this phone is is htc droid incredible adr6300 it is not the S model. the S model is different from mine because it has the antennas Behind the battery cover mine has nothing behind the battery cover. Can anyone please tell me where this wifi module and wifi antenna are on this phone? Any help, feedback, pictures,videos etc will be really really apreciated. It is such a nice looking phone, I really want to use it for wifi, thx in advance.

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