HTC Droid Dream with cats fighting coming from the speaker.

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    I was completely awake so no jokes about it being a dream...Late at night and phone resting. Actually didn't get to sleep till 3-4 in the morning after this....Last night I started hearing what at first I thought was a baby crying. After a few minutes of hearing this it started to sound like how two cats when they are getting ready to fight. This went on for at least 15 minutes. I went to my back, then my front door looking out not seeing or hearing it again, I went back upstairs. Then it started again, I could tell it is definitely two cats getting ready to fight. I opened windows in my bedroom and bathroom and strained to hear, but nothing. So I lay back down in bed and that's when it came again louder and clearer. My eyes slowly went to my HTC Droid Dream laying on the night stand next to me. It's coming from the damn phone! WTF. So I pick up the phone, put it to my ear and sure enough, two cats getting ready to go at it, but after listening a few minutes I could tell it was on a loop and played over and over again. I was not using the phone in any way shape or form. It was just laying there. I looked to see if there is a connected call or something, and nothing. I looked and looked at the phone listening at the same time trying to figure out how, where, who ect. Then it stopped. Did the phone get hacked? I dunno.. If anyone has any info on this please let me know, or has this happened to anyone else.
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