HTC Desire Flashed to Cricket help.

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    Ok, so I recent bought an HTC desire from ebay for like $80 and i wanted to flash it over to cricket. The carrier that was on the phone was Alltel wireless(It seems to be under the Verison Network when I saw the banner).

    I've had followed this tutorial since HTC evo is similar to my phone:

    [Tutorial] Full Flash HTC Evo to Cricket: 2.2 Froyo Talk, Text, MMS, Internet

    I had no success. I tried using cyangenmod 7 and 6, and 2.2 froyo sense stock rom(for the programming part).

    What I basicaly did was change the number on the phone and the carrier appears unknown in the stock rom but US Cellular in the cmd 7 or 6 rom.

    For the qpst programing ive used this tut:

    [Tutorial] QPST Tutorial with Pictures (Cricket)

    I did everything it said and it still doesn't work with my phone. Is there other tutorials that are HTC desire specific?

    Well the main point I'm trying to get here is help on the flash my HTC desire over to cricket. Anyone is welcome to guide me into the right direction.
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