HTC clock/weather widget location problem

Discussion in 'Thunderbolt Tech Support' started by stuigi, Feb 6, 2012.

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    I recently started having issues with the HTC clock/weather with animation widget. I have a non rooted TB with all the latest updates. The widget keeps telling me that I am in sweedesboro,nj which is 120 miles from where I live. What is also weird is that when I first turn on my Google Navigation, it also shows me in Sweedesboro,NJ until it shortly locks on a GPS signal. It then shows my location properly. I have a GPS status APP that shows which sats I am seeing and allows me to refresh my GPS cache. This doesn't even work. Both HTC and Verizon cannot help. Why is the widget showing me in NJ when I am in PA. Yes I have pulled the battery, reset the phone (which was much grief and still cannot get the dang widget to work. Any help would be appreciated

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