HTC 10 Pre-Order at Verizon Now; Coming to Sprint Retail Stores May 13th

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    If you are on either of the U.S. CDMA networks (Verizon or Sprint), and plan to purchase the new HTC 10, then we have a couple of dates you will want to make note of. First, Verizon has made pre-orders for the HTC 10 available today. Here's a link to check that out: Verizon HTC 10 Pre-Order.

    Big Red plans to ship the HTC 10 on May 5th and have retail units available on or around that day as well. Verizon is also offering a limited time $100 discount on the device. To get that you must sign-up for the 24 monthly payments of $22.83 per month. Your total price for the phone will be $547.92 instead of the regular full retail price of $648 which is what you must pay if you buy the phone outright.

    The second important date pertains to Sprint customers looking to buy the same phone. Sprint plans to offer the HTC 10 at full retail on May 13th. That means it will be available to actual purchase in Sprint stores at that time. They didn't give word on pre-orders, but here is Sprint's pricing info: The chamfered metal HTC 10 will be available for $0 down and $26/mo on a two-year plan with Sprint. Here's the Sprint source link: Sprint HTC 10 Press Release.

    Please remember to drop by our dedicated HTC 10 forum for further discussion: HTC 10 (Formerly the HTC One M10)