HSDPA Bands help please!

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    Hi guys!

    I have followed this forum for a long time and it has been helpful hundred times. I can not tell you how much I thank you.

    But now, I have a problem. I have recently changed to Vodafone Spain, and operates on HSDPA 900mhz. In some places, the frequency is different but in my city is only this. No other operator offers 3G me here, so I have no choice.
    Our Motorola Droid 3 operates on HSDPA 850/1900/2100 but not 900. However, it supports 2G GSM 900. In addition, the Droid 4 includes support for HSDPA 900, and the Milestone 2 includes it too!

    So, is there any way to change this specification? Maybe another radio driver? Any ROM allows it? I'm sure any software modification would allow me to enjoy the HSDPA connection. Thanks for the help!!
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