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    credits goes to invisiblek from xda-developers
    Loading a custom recovery on the Incredible - xda-developers


    1. Boot to recovery with adb (if u dont know how...learn)
    2. Run the unrEVOked method to get an adb shell, then do su to get # (if u dont know how...learn)
    3. adb push /sdcard/
    4. adb push keys /sdcard/keys
    5. Do:

    /system/bin/mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/mtdblock3 /system
    /system/bin/rm /res/keys
    /system/bin/cat /sdcard/keys > /res/keys
    /system/bin/ps recovery // note the pid of it
    /system/bin/kill <pid>

    6. Vol+ and Power to get menu again
    7. Vol - then power to run the
    8. Profit!

    Big thanks to the unrEVOked team and koush for making this happen!

    This method does not stick, it is only good until reboot, but adb works now so have fun

    Some problems with accessing /data and some other stuf, but well get it sorted out
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