How & why does 4G signal strength affect charging rate?

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR MAXX' started by nomadicnut, Jul 2, 2012.

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    I'm connected to 4G but barely. Using the signal strength bars running ICS i have 2 bars. Looking at the signal strength found in settings, it says 4G-115dBm. I have found that the charger simply keeps the battery at a constant level without much advancement. i.e. not much happening besides staying put while i use the phone. So if i start using the phone with 50% power it simply stays there even plugged in for an hour. This all occurs under constant use of the phone. If i don't use it it will charge correctly even with a fairly poor signal.

    In a strong signal area it charges normally. I also note that in 3G with a stronger signal in the same location as the poor 4G signal it charges correctly.

    Is this normal? I can only gather the phone is fighting to maintain a 4G connection at the expense of charging correctly.
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    Your thinking seems to be pretty much dead on, if your phone is constantly fighting to keep a signal then charging is going to be hindered. If you see it fixed with switching to 3G only, WIFI mode, or phone turned off, and they all charge normally. Then your issue is the 4G radio fighting to stay alive.