HOW TO Watch The BCS Championship Game Between FSU and Auburn On Your Phone!

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    You are at work and you are trying your very hardest to wrap up the project that you have been working on all day so that you can hopefully make it home in time for kick off. The boss comes in and stacks up just enough extra work to keep you at the office through the night. You are now stranded at the office and while everyone else is at home enjoying the game of the year you will be face down in your bosses extra paperwork!!! Sucks to be you. Unless of course that is you know how to take advantage of that super computer in your pocket. This year the BCS Championship is being hosted by ESPN and will start at 8:30 EST. If you are subscribed to a cable provider chances are you will be able to access the game through the "WatchESPN" app. If you are not subscribed to a cable provider no sweat there are many other options. You will more than likely need to have Flash installed on your device to take advantage of those other options. Instructions can be found here. Now is the time to prepare as kick off is in about two hours. GO NOLES!

    Watch ESPN app Downlaod
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