How to use a Droid 4 using straight talk HELP!!

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    I have a Droid 4 that was through verizon and my phone was shut off by my soon to be ex wife. I'd like to try to use the phone using a straight talk plan. I purchased the bring your own phone plan. before hand I went on straight talks website and inputted my IMEI number and it said that my phone would work with straight talk. I activated the sim card and put it in the phone, then booted the phone up and I get a message on my phone saying "Sim Card from a unknown source" I hit ok and it goes to the main screen. I noticed that there are no bars present but there is a blue color triangle above where the phone reception bars would be. I've called Straight talk and they said my phone is probably locked.. Then I call Verizon and they said all their 4G phones are not locked. And that they couldn't really help me. So I found this forum and was wondering if anyone else has attempted to use their Droid 4 as a straight talk phone. Is there anyway to get around this issue so I don't have to go out and buy a new phone when I have a perfectly good one that I could use? I can't make any calls or browse the web. Please Help!
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