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    Hello. I bought an HTC rezound online because I am horrible with my phones and I lost my insurance with verizon for the time being. Anyways the phone works fine no issues. However my boyfriend and I have the same phone now and noticed that my phone does not have the same options his does and that the phone won't even allow me to personalize themes. I am assuming that the phone is rooted. Can someone give me step by step instructions on 1) to figure out whether or not the phone is actually rooted. 2) how to unroot the phone. From what I have been reading there locking the bootloader and unrooting are two seperate things. How do I know if my bootloader is locked or unlocked. Thank you for the help. I am sorry I am asking for detailed instructions but I do not want to risk bricking the phone and not being able to use it at all. Thank you!!
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