How To Unlock The Nexus 5 Bootloader

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    The most common misconception of the Nexus 5 and other Nexus devices is that the phones come from the factory with the bootloader unlocked. While this is not the case, the method for unlocking the bootloader is pretty simple. You will want to understand how to do this and be comfortable with the method if you are to be a coding master. If you decide to unlock the bootloader you will be able to install a custom recovery, roms and other mods. To unlock the bootloader you will need to grab the SDK and unzip the file, find the adb and fastboot files in the platform-tools folder. This is where we will be running our commands. Enable USB debugging then type the following commands.

    ADB Reboot Bootloader

    Once the Android screen comes up you need to type "fastboot oem unlock"

    When the confirmation page comes up select yes

    You phone will be wiped clean and you get a new unlocked bootloader

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