How To Unlock The Motorola E 2nd Gen Bootloader

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    The 2nd Generation Motorola E was just announced last week. The "Mystery" box was shipped out to many media outlets who all pretty much uploaded their own unboxings to youtube at the same time. The box was fully loaded with a USB stick, Official Moto lanyard, a stage built into the box, and seats viewing the stage. This was a neat way to replace an actual release event. This phone was simultaneously released to the masses. If you have already picked yours up then you will probably want to know how to get the bootloader unlocked so that you can flash a custom recovery and get the device rooted.

    There is a full guide posted at the link below. You will need to have your adb and fastboot files present on your PC (there is a link for the quick install). You will also need a basic understanding of running adb commands. You will actually have to grab some info from your device in adb which you can copy and paste into the Moto dev site. Head to the link for the full guide.

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