How to set my own profile picture in Handcent

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    I swear I'm no dummy, but for the life of me I can't make this work. I'd been using the stock Messaging app on my Droid Razr M, but then I got the KitKat update, which really messed up my phone. (I lost apps, pictures, nice gui functions, I'm getting Kindle errors even though I don't use Kindle, my phone now makes weird pops and crackles when using certain apps, I almost lost Bluetooth capability, etc., but that's all another story!)

    One of the big problems with the update was what it did to the Messaging app, including no longer being able to batch delete text messages, or see that I was part of a group text, or respond as part of a group text. So I tried Hangouts and WhatsApp, but had problems with both of those. Next on my list was Handcent. I like it for the most part, but I cannot figure out how to show my own profile picture. Nowhere in settings is there an option for simply setting my profile picture. More baffling is that when I sync my contacts with Facebook it finds everyone else's picture, but not my own, despite the fact that when I set it to sync the first time, my Facebook profile pic was right there on the confirm page!

    Seeing a pic of myself in my text conversations isn't really a big deal, but it would make viewing my conversations a bit easier. What am I missing? Do I really need to set up a "Handcent Online" account? I just want a regular texting app, I don't need any online presence with it (let alone all the silly emojis). Thanks in advance for any help!
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