How To Run Ubuntu On The Droid

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    How do you run Ubuntu on the Droid, I have seen it happen on many videos but Im having a hard time figuring out how to do it. Does anyone know how to do it?

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    First things first, you MUST BE ROOTED! Secondly, you must have SDK on your PC installed, and have the ability to adb into your Droid from command line. These instructions are for Windows.

    1. Root your droid, set up your SDK and all that jazz. Also, make sure you are using a Chevy kernel, and download the Chevy ext2 file and flash it. If you are using SPRecovery, rename it to If using CW, just flash as a normal ROM. I would backup at this point too. File can be found here, THANKS @CRABS!

    Index of /froyo/4.3/kernels

    Also, make sure you have downloaded Android VNC!! The app can be found here:

    Downloads - android-vnc-viewer - Project Hosting on Google Code

    2. Download the ubuntu boot pack to your PC. I am going to upload an updated version of NexusOneHack's docs that has the working bootubuntu file updated in the zip so you don't have to do it manually. This will be in my next post... i am uploading to Megaupload as we speak.

    For now, here is the ubuntu zip file and the working ubuntu text file. You will need to download the zip, extract it, then copy the working ubuntu text file into that folder and OVERWRITE the existing one. on Megaupload
    bootubuntu file here

    I am consolidating into a single updated file but it's taking forever to post to Megaupload.

    3. Move the six files into a folder called "ubuntu" (without "") to the root of your SDCard. You can also just move the entire UN-zipped file there as well. Just make sure it is the ubuntu folder only, which contains six files inside. It will be just over 2 GB.

    4. Unmount your SDcard and enable USB Debugging.

    5. Open command prompt (cmd in the run field for Windows)

    6. Do to your SDK tools directory (i.e. mine was C:\Users\Chris\Desktop\android-sdk_r06-windows\android-sdk-windows\tools) Long i know lol

    cd C:\Users\Chris\Desktop\android-sdk_r06-windows\android-sdk-windows\tools

    7. Run adb shell

    adb shell

    8. Type su, hit enter

    9. Type /system/xbin/chevyno1/ext2, hit enter. This will make sure the file extensions are available for your ubuntu installation.

    10. Type cd /sdcard/ubuntu hit enter

    11. Type sh ./ hit enter

    12. Type bootubuntu hit enter

    Now you have installed Ubuntu and booted it through the shell, but you do not have ubuntu on the go yet, and to get to the GUI, you need to run some more commands.

    I am not going to start over here with the numbering scheme, but if you're having problems at this point, please re-try the steps and make sure your files are the correct ones.

    First, we need to make sure we have all the files we need to complete the install.

    13. Type apt-get update hit enter

    14. Type apt-get install tightvncserver hit enter

    15. Type apt-get install lxde hit enter

    16. Type export USER=root
    vncserver -geometry 1024x800

    (you can choose your resolution here, just don't make it too small)

    17. Set up an easy to remember password.

    18. Type:
    cat > /root/.vnc/xstartup
    xrdb $HOME/.Xresources
    xsetroot -solid grey
    icewm &

    then hit Ctrl+D twice and Enter key (will return as ^D^D in command prompt)

    19. Open up Android VNC on your Droid. Enter the password you created and set the port to 5901. Also, set the colors to 24 bit, as this will give you the most colors to choose from and the most detailed screen. HIT CONNECT!

    Give it a few minutes to load but you should now see the ubuntu legendary orange backgroup. Give it a few minutes to boot up and for those who know linux, it should look incredibly familiar.

    Now, we want to be able to boot into ubuntu while not plugged in or using adb on our PCs.

    20. Type:
    cat > front
    export USER=root
    cd /
    rm -r -f tmp
    mkdir tmp
    cd /
    vncserver -geometry 1024x800

    then hit Ctrl+D twice and Enter key (will return as ^D^D in command prompt)

    or whatever resolution you choose.

    21. Type cp temp /root/.bashrc and hit enter

    22. To test it, exit ubuntu and go back into Android shell by typing exit

    23. Boot back in by typing bootubuntu
    NOTE: you can now use your terminal emulator on the Droid by typing

    This will give you the ability to run ubuntu on the go, and for you to be able to autostart vnc whenever you type su bootubuntu in the emulator.

    Again, I was NOT NOT NOT the one who did all of this, i got my details from @CRABS in this very thread for the Droid workaround.

    There are alot of good uses for this, and a TON of people who made this possible. I just wanted to put it into an easy to use thread. I AM NOT THIS SMART!
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    Simply Stunning 5.2 Works

    As long as you install the lastest BusyBox form JRummy.

    For me /dev/block/mtdblock3 is /system
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