How To Root The Honor 5X!

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    Earlier today I published my full review of the Honor 5X. Considering the price point this is one of the best phones your $200 can buy hands down. The one major problem I had with the device is the Emotion UI skin overlay. It is super heavy and just tends to bog things down. One way you can fix things is by simply adding the Google Now Launcher. This takes away much of the lag. Luckily Huawie has made the bootloader unlockable which means that eventually we will be able to install custom roms which should improve the overall experience.

    With an unlocked bootloader you will be able to root the device. For now we do not have a custom recovery for the Honor 5X but thanks to a handful of developers we do have a prerooted system image. You will need to be bootloader unlocked. To be bootloader unlocked you actually have to register a Huawei account and then wait 14days. After the wait you can grab your unlock key and unlock the bootloader. Once your bootloader is unlocked you will be able to flash the prerooted system image in fastboot. Head to the link below for the full guide and downloads.

    via XDA
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