How To ReEnable Tethering On The Moto X T-mo After Kit Kat Update!

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    If you took the Kit Kat update on your T-mobile Moto X then you probably noticed that wifi tethering no longer works. That is unless you have a tethering plan. There is now a quick and easy method for reenabling free tethering on your T-mobile Nexus 4, or Moto X. There are a few methods to get it working again. One method is super easy but requires a usb cable and an app. There is another method that requires root, adb, and command line knowledge. There is a third method that requires root and the use of the Sqlite editor app.

    Step 1: Backup your device. A full Nandroid backup is recommended just incase you mess anything up.
    Step 2: Install SQLite Editor it is $2.99 on the play store
    Step 3: Open SQLite Editor, grant root, choose Settings Storage
    Step 4: It will search for and find "settings.db" choose that
    Step 5: while in settings.db choose "global"
    Step 6: you get a table with "id name and value" columns, click the + sign on the top right to add a new entry (in the name field, name it "tether_dun_required" in the value field type 0, tap on save the entry then exit the app
    Step 7: Go to your APN settings (Settings, More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names) and you'll notice two APN's there. One labeled "DUN" and one labeled "" Click on the name of "DUN" and you'll see all of its settings. Hit the menu key in the top right, and choose Delete APN.
    Step 8: Use the proper APN be sure you are using the "" for IPV4
    Step 9: Reboot and Profit!

    Method found Here

    Thanks @mattlgroff for the tip!
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