How to override a login PIN on a phone? (Galaxy Nexus)

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by Duster, Aug 21, 2014.

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    I have a teenage son who has been getting in all kinds of trouble, including drug use. I need to intervene before he is completely off the rails. One of the several sanctions includes having his phone taken away (it's actually my phone; I pay all the bills). Before he gave it up he changed the PIN lock from our agreed-upon code to something new.

    Is there ANY WAY to override the PIN without wiping the phone?

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    You best bet would be to take it in to your carrier and have therm unlock it. They can do that without wiping anything. Good luck!

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    Well, you could reset the PIN if you have access to the gmail account which is put over your device S5. Use the gmail account to reset the PIN, all you need to do is tap over the forgot password, (if its not there then put incorrect password a couple of time it will show up) put the gmail account ID and password you device will give you the access to reset the PIN change the PIN and you are good to go. One more thing this trick requires an active data/wifi connectivity, if that's not available then there's nothing much to worry about, just try pressing the power button a while a pop up will appear asking you switching the device off, restart the device, mobile data. Tap over the mobile data it will get enabled ! Now you can use it to reset the PIN lock
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